Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Metroid 2: The Return of Samus

The Return of Samus huh!? Well, she was back in this sequel from the first original Metroid on NES but only this time it's on GameBoy! Oh yeah! Portable Power!! This time around Samus is summoned once again to go and wipe out the remaining Metroids on their home planet before they pose a threat to the universe. So you go in as Samus and your mission, once you land on the planet of the Metroids, is to wipe out 39-41 Metroids before you meet up with the Metroid Queen herself. Easy……NOPE! Yet again Metroid 2 is another one of those get lost in a huge world maze and try to find yourself out of there. Aghhhh! Now who in the world would play this game without a map? Thank god for the internet these days. Also thank goodness for Super Metroid this has a map unlike Metroid and Metroid 2.

While exterminating all 40ish Metroids, you run into power ups like the E – Energy Tank, and the rocket missiles which you will need all of them to defeat these Metroids. Once you defeat a certain number of Metroids during the game the levels change as it unlocks the next stage to continue your quest. So once you defeat all 40ish Metroids your ready to face off against Queen Metroid!!! Not yet! It seems like there are 9 more Metroids to kill off during your way to the Queen. Damn it! So you have to equip with the Ice Beam and pack up on those rockets cause just like in the first game, you got to freeze the Metroids and kill them off with rockets. So finally once you reach Queen Metroid which looks like a dinosaur, she’s freakin’ hard to kill!! Every hit she drains almost all of your energy. God damn! Once Queen Metroid was defeated, now what!? Crap! The whole planet is about to explode and you got to get your ass out of there. While running out you run into a new born Metroid which apparently helps you escape the planet. WTF? I thought all Metroids were bad? Can I actually trust this one? We’ll see……

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy this game as much as I did with Metroid on NES. It was almost the same game but with a different agenda. I finished the game at around 6 HRS and 44 minutes and got the normal ending while the good ending is yet again Samus taking off her armor and showing her stuff. Who the hell can beat this game in less than 3HRS? Let’s hope Super Metroid makes up for this sorry game.

Coming up next: Super Metroid

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