Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kid Icarus on GameBoy!

My recent buy from this past week was Kid Icarus on GameBoy off of eBay for
about $9.88. Now my list is always updated every time I have bought something
and own it. I also manage to get Ninja Gaiden: Shadows for a very cheap price of $5. The game is a so called "rarity" but I guess patience is a virtue huh? Not only I bought a rare game for a cheap price but I also bought a Japanese import game for the GameBoy. I managed to buy DragonBall Z: Goku Gekitouden for $7. Ha! How about that?Anyways, Kid Icarus arrived this past week but I'm still waiting for Ninja Gaiden: Shadows and DragonBall Z: Goku Gekitouden to arrive soon.

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