Saturday, February 14, 2009

DBZ on GameBoy!!

It's about time. I hate it when I buy a game off of eBay and it takes the lazy ass a week and a half to mail it to me. Bum! DragonBall Z: Goku Gekitouden finally arrives in my hands, The best DBZ game on the GameBoy system. This game relates to the Freeza saga of the series. That would be episodes 36-107. Yes I know cause I was a fan of the series and the Freeza saga was the best in my opinion. Not the Cell saga. There is another DBZ game on GameBoy but it only relates to the Piccolo Jr. saga from DragonBall to the Saiyan saga from DBZ. Also, the game is more heavy on the Japanese text with it's controls. Also, it's not my favorite. Now I only need a Super Gameboy and we're set to go.

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